Below are some comments from regular advertisers in Midhurst Local

I would just like to say how pleased I am with my adverts in the Midhurst Local.

I only advertise locally and this is the perfect medium for me. I have many enquiries from local residents who say how pleased they are to have all these trades in one booklet.  I find your professionalism in helping design and printing of the adverts a great help and the timely reminders for when the next adverts need to be booked is just right.

Jim Mackay               Kwik Lok


 I have used Midhurst Local from the word go, and found it a very effective way of advertising locally.  It is an extremely cost-effective way of reaching the community each month. The paper and print quality is always very high, helping to ensure the magazine is kept as a handy reference document.  I have recommended Midhurst Local to a number of businesses, and I know they agree with me.

Michael Chevis          Photographer


I would say it reaches genuinely local people who turn up rather than the other ads who get people to contact you from 20 miles away who make appointments but then find somebody nearer and don't let you know.

Lynette Irwin       Posh Dogs


Well done....... We advertise in many local small magazines. As we are a small local business we find that these magazines reach the potential customers that we are looking for. As a local business we also like to support other local businesses ie 'Midhurst Local'.  I would also like to say that Midhurst Local is the most smooth running magazine that we have advertised in, no problem is too large or too small.

Jenny and Robert Boddington


We have been advertising in the Midhurst Local for several years now, and have found the response from our adverts has been very positive - it really has helped our veg box scheme grow in the Midhurst area.  We will be continuing to advertise for many more years I'm sure!

Debbie Bryant - Bryant Bros - The Local Veg Box People

Jeremy has completed his first year self employed and has received a good amount of business through his advertising in the Midhurst Local. He has a steady flow of work locally which is great for his growing business. We are very pleased with the interest and work received from advertising in our local magazine!

(on behalf of) Jeremy Parker Electrical Ltd

‘We have advertised in the Midhurst Local since 2009 and have always received an excellent response from the Midhurst area’

Mike de Mellow        Waterlooville Carpets


I use Midhurst Local because they are really helpful when designing your ad – always there to give good advice. Plus good competitive prices!

Penny Angell       Serenity Beauty Room


'We use the Midhurst Local to help promote our business because I find it is value for money, Mark is always very helpful with design and making changes and I really do think local people use this brochure and look at it every month.  I must say I don't advertise anywhere else.'

Julie Magness           Hokey Cokey Party Shop


Midhurst Local is a great magazine for assisting both local people and businesses.
I, myself, have found it a very cost effective way of advertising my business.

Steve Ball – Guitar Teacher, Midhurst.

Luckily for us, we are booked solid well into mid next year.  Unfortunately, this means that we need to put a hold on the advertising at the moment, as we are having to turn people away, that are seeing the ad and then calling us.

The Midhurst local is just too successful !!  Many thanks, Mark , I'm sure we will do business again, the Midhurst Local is a great advertising tool and we are pleased to have been in it.

Jez Garnett - Midhurst Building Services


I set up my Oven Cleaning Business 6 years ago and have used the Midhurst Local for advertising since that time. I have gained a significant amount of business as a direct result of advertising in the Midhurst Local and I know that a number of my Customers use the directory to source local Businesses and Tradesmen.
The directory is delivered extensively in the Midhurst area and is always delivered on time every month.

Stuart Anderson
Oven Power


"Advertising in The Midhurst Local is so easy to do, we decided to create our own ad and Mark was so helpful offering much needed advice. One of the main attractions originally was the flexibility that was offered; no big costs and not being tied in for months etc, we thought we'd give the ad a go for a few months and see what happened. That was over 18 months ago and our ad still runs every month, we have found that for a small business looking to work locally it really is the most effective form of advertising."

Eve and Gary Eldridge       Cedarwood Joinery Ltd


I think that like most small businesses we have tried most forms of advertising over the years and found that none were completely suitable for us. We draw our customer base from within the local area and often found we were paying to advertise in areas that were of no use to us.
The Midhurst Guide covers just the area we need, at a cost we can justify and has consistently provided us with new business. We can genuinely say that it has been the most effective advertising tool that we have ever used.
Michael Dalton
Rotherfield Motor Company


We've advertised in Midhurst Local now for over two years, after another tradesman recommended it to us. As a small local family company it is ideal for getting us into homes where customers sometimes need a small job done but have no idea where they can get advice or trades person who will do a small job (although large jobs are welcome too!).  I find myself using it for reference also and passing it around to others locally, as we do not have anything like this in our area. Definitely value for money.  Mark has always been helpful doing the ad for us and changing it when required.


Juliet and Mick Creber     MAC Plastering


We moved to Midhurst in September 2009 and I wanted to carry on my gardening business here.  I started advertising in Midhurst Local.  The first year was quite good and with the continuity of the advert and the magazine coming out every month, the second year was excellent and the third even better.  The future of my business looks very rosey, thanks to Mark and Midhurst Local.

Jeremy Holroyde

"I have advertised in Midhurst Local since opening my practice one and a half years ago.  It got the message to the community in a way no other advertising could.  Mark has delivered invaluable design help and is super responsive to updates and style changes.  This is now all the advertising my business needs."

John Doble, Midhurst Chiropody and Podiatry 

"We have found advertising within the Midhurst Local very successful for informing new and regular local clients to what's new at The Haven Beauty Room! Above all, the service that we receive advertising has been extremely organised and very professional. Highly recommended!"

Victoria Netley  - The Haven Beauty Room

We have advertised in the Midhurst local since it was created. Great value, great service and gets great results.

Karen Williams, Mane Street Salon

I have advertised in the Midhurst Local for the past seven years and it has produced a lot of work for my business as a local tradesman. I feel it is one of the few paper-based advertising platforms which is still effective, as it something people hold onto as a list of up-to-date local companies covering a wide range of services and products.

David Moore,  ROK Electrics Ltd

We advertise Because its Good To support Local Businesses, Also very Reasonable Prices in Comparison to others.
Always Extremely Helpful with wording & Adverts.

Sally Carter, The Unicorn Inn, Heyshott

Perfect Motion Physio has advertised in the Midhurst Local for over a year now. We have found it to be a great way to communicate our business to the local area and it has proved beneficial as we have had people contact us for our services after seeing the advert. The service provided is very reliable and the publication is high quality. All these reasons are why we have chosen the Midhurst Local to advertise in and have stayed with them for so long.

Becky Potts - Perfect Motion Physio

I have been using Midhurst Local to advertise my business for a while now, because it is good value for money, very helpful with first time set-up and great for keeping you in the locals' eyes. Its been effective in increasing my business. Many thanks, Midhurst Local.

Shaun The Sweep 

I have been using Midhurst Local to advertise in the Midhurst area for the past 2 years. I understand the importance of direct advertising on a local level and Mark at Midhurst Local has always been helpful and supportive with my requirements. I look forward to another 2 years of advertising with Mark.

Alan McTernan
Exterior Cleaning and Maintenance Ltd

Due to advertising with the "Midhurst Local" over the last 8 months, we have attracted and gained many new patients to our practice.

The "Midhurst Local" have been efficient and good value for money!

The Mulready Dental Team

I have continued to use the advertising as the cost is very reasonable and the advertising gets to a lot of local people.

Chris West

PRO Fencing

(A division of W.L West & Sons)

I advertise in the Midhurst Local regularly because, being delivered to each household, I know it reaches local parents who might be looking for a pre-school, and the costs are very reasonable.

Chris Reseigh
Midhurst Nursery Class

"Advertising in the Midhurt Local is a really good way of getting your name and service known in the local community"

Paula Chuter-Baker
Making Changes Counselling

The Midhurst Local is the only place I have advertised since I commenced trading in 2007. It's worth its weight in gold!

Clive Blott
Blott on the Landscape